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Established in 2007, eXplidata® makes it easier to access all the relevant analysis information you need to answer your qualitative research questions.

eXplidata® offers word-precise transcription, multilingualism/translation, pre-coding and a time-saving, high effective analysis tool in one unique service for your content analysis of ...

  • qualitative market studies
  • car clinics
  • individual interviews
  • focus groups
  • expert interviews
  • concept tests
  • social studies
  • mutlilingual, qualitative studies

We adress our service especially to ...

  • Market- and Opinion Research Institutes (for example qualitative market surveys, in-depth interviews, car clinics ...)
  • HR departments (eg employee surveys, applicant interviews ...)
  • Media companies, media outlets (interview transcription)
  • Universities (qualitative studies)

How it works

We are supporting international market- and opinion research companies, commercial companies and universities in conducting their qualitative studies.
Our core competency is translating, transcribing and coding of qualitative interviews with the help of our tool.

eXplidata® makes things easy for you:

Planning & Strategy

You inform us about your study and the specific research questions, like kind of study, case number, duration of single interview, language(s), etc...

Preparing your project

The eXplidata®-tool is individually configured to your specific project needs - our team of transcribers is build up and instructed.

Project Start & Data Entry

You or your test studio upload(s) the interviews onto our server as audio files. Once an interview has been fully uploaded, it is automatically allocated to the next 'available' data operator, who immediately starts with transcription and if requested with the translation.

Quality Control

The captured content is subjected to our quality control.
Potential inconsistencies will be corrected. Important here is complete, verbatim recording of your data and precise assignment to your relevant topics

Fast, faster ...

From the very beginning of your fieldwork, you get access to your eXplidata®-project with all previously recorded, categorized and coded statements for your analysis.
Regardless of the number of cases, we guarantee the complete recording and precoding of your interviews not later than 48hs by the end of the fieldwork (Exception Expert interviews).

Premium is our standard

Each of your projects has one permanent, personal contact person with full responsibility for action.
Your projects in different time zones influence our service hours. That's why we focus our service availability to meet your requirements at any time. Our response time to your inquiries is only a few minutes. Guaranteed!

Our Pricing

We're calculating with following parameters:

  • Type of study ('normal' explorative in-depth interview, concept test, car clinic, focus groups)
  • Number of interviews / focus groups
  • Duration of interview / group
  • Language(s) to translate
  • Ratio of open / closed questions

Basically speaking, you may assume that with beginning of appr. 25 INTh the costs for eXplidata® are lower than the average costs incurred by the traditional transcription/aggregation/coding//analysis procedure. Our definition of traditional costs includes the following:

  • Logistics of distributing the interviews
  • Recruitment, training and briefing of evaluators
  • Accounting costs for evaluator services
  • Transcription
  • Any data aggregation required
  • Any pre-coding of data required
  • Time required for analysis

Please contact us. We will gladly send you a binding offer for your upcoming project.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Do we need a special software environment for eXplidata®?

No. eXplidata® runs on all popular operating systems. Our tool is web based and you only need a webbrowser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome...

For which studies can eXplidata® be deployed?

eXplidata® lends itself perfectly to all types of explorative studies undertaken in qualitative market research:

  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Concept tests
  • Focus groups
  • Car clinics

How do you handle your quality management?

With the quality of the recorded content, the workload stands and falls in later analysis.
That is why we attach great importance to a comprehensive quality assurance:

  • In-depth familiarization of our employees in the handling of the tool
  • Include in the specific thematic requirements of each study
  • Each interview is checked for completeness, literally recording, correct topic assignment, language and grammar

Beginnin with which sample size is eXplidata® an economical alternative for us

We calculate the prices on the basis of so-called interview hours (INTh), i.e. the product of the length and number of interviews. From around 25 INTh, the costs are lower than those incurred by the traditional transcript/aggregation/analysis procedure. See here for further information.

Can eXplidata® be used for quantitative surveys?

eXplidata® is also suitable for the coverage and analysis of quantitative surveys with scaled questions. You will receive the results of your surveys processed in graphical and tabular form, together with the parameters:

  • Mean value
  • Median
  • Standard deviation
  • Top-2
  • Bottom-2

By when - at the latest - do you require our topic guide?

We prepare each project individually. The topic guide has to be worked into the tool and our data operators need to familiarise themselves with the respective subject matter. For this reason we require the final topic guide 3-4 working days prior to the onset of field work at the latest.

Can changes be made to the topic guide at short notice?

Yes. Changes to the thematic structure are possible during field work.

Do you provide assistance in uploading audio files?

Allocation of audio files to our data operators takes place automatically and is script controlled. For this reason it is important to define certain conventions. You, or the field studio, naturally receive from us detailed instructions on how to proceed. We are always ready with assistance if required.

How can we familiarise ourselves with the functions of eXplidata®?

Prior to our first actual collaboration with you, we shall send you a link of our demo version of eXplidata® and a comprehensive manual. This way you can find your away around our tool at your leisure and discover all its functions.

At what point can we expect the first data?

Our teams are organized so that interviews are captured by eXplidata® approximately 24 hours after upload. It doesn't matter to us whether you do 3 or 30 interviews per day. Our staff is sufficiently large and enables us to to be able to optimally adjust to the respective number of cases. From the second field day on, you have access to the interviews previously recorded. Guaranteed.

How can you be reached during the project phase?

In short: 24/7

Can eXplidata® also be deployed for focus groups?

Of course. There is a choice of two options here: we can process audio files (this makes sense for homogenous groups; differentiated by gender only), or video files (makes sense for heterogeneous groups; each individual respondent is entered with their own resp. number)

What is the maximum number of cases you can manage?

Generally speaking, the sky's the limit. Since we have meanwhile trained over 100 data operators, complex studies involving high case numbers pose no problem for us.

What happens if a server fails?

All your data is automatically backed up on a separate mirror server gesichert. In case of failure of the main server you find your projects immediately on this security server.

How long can I access my data on the server?

Your projects are always saved 3 years on our servers and are provided to you during this time. After this three years, your data will either be deleted and you receive them as a data file for local archiving or further processing.

Why can't we find you on facebook?

Our company takes privacy and data security very seriously. That's why we have no facebook account.

Our Clients

We're proud of their confidence in our services:

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and many more ...


Are you interested in working on exciting, international opinion- and social research projects?
Are you (studying and) looking for a part-time job that you can organise freely?
Do you prefer to work on your own computer at home?
You have very good language skills?
You are interested in new topics and the opinions of people around you?
Reliability and deadline accuracy are a matter of course for you?

Then you've come to the right place.

Thanks to the acceptance of our services, we continually strengthen our team. We're looking for freelancers for the evaluation of individual interviews which are recorded by audio. Evaluation means that these interviews must be transcripted (in some cases translated into English) and encoded with our online analysis tool. You can easily do this work in your home office.

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